Saturday, August 19, 2017

Preventing Fraud

Due to excessive fraudulent activity, effective June 24, 2011, the following merchants will be blocked for signature based and online transactions conducted in the states of New York, Maryland, Florida, California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania when using your debit card. 

Blocked Merchant Categories Include the Following:

5310- Discount Stores

5411- Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

5311- Department Stores

5912- Drug Stores and Pharmacies

5691- Men's and Women's Clothing Stores

5621- Women's Ready to Wear Stores

5499- Convenience Stores

*Customers using their card for PIN based transactions should not have any problems in the above mentioned states.*

Customers using their debit cards in the country of Great Britain will be blocked for signature, online and PIN based transactions.

If you plan to travel to Great Britain or one of the above mentioned states please contact your local branch office.