Sunday, March 29, 2015

Irondale, Missouri

Irondale, Missouri

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Closed on Wednesday 
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114 South Oak
P.O. Box 126
Irondale, MO 63648

Tel: (573) 749-3315

Fax: (573) 749-3313



Donations for SGM Patrick R. Hurley Memorial Highway

Donations for the SGM Patrick R. Hurley Memorial Highway Fund may be made at any Unico Bank location.  For more information, including information on tax ID information, contact the Irondale City Hall (573)749-3223.

A bill has been introduced in the Missouri House to designate the one-mile section of U highway near Irondale, Missouri as the SGM Patrick R. Hurley Memorial Highway.  Donations are needed for signage.

SGM Patrick R Hurley was killed in a helicopter crash while returning from a Special Forces mission on February 21, 1992 during Operation Desert Storm.  Hurley was a resident of Irondale and graduated from Leadwood High School in 1972.  He was recently inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame, and has had a the Hurley Lake named after him at Fort Bragg.